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What is a home loan? Measures to renovate, modernize or expand your home are expensive. The purchase of furnishings can also cost money. Own resources are often insufficient and the planned measures cannot be implemented without a loan.

On the other hand, the credit requirement is usually not that high. The effort associated with a cheap mortgage loan is therefore not worthwhile. Apart from that, if you take out a small mortgage, first place may be given away; bad if a larger loan is planned later.


Your home loan is approved

home loan is approved

Your credit broker can already submit your home loan without estimation. This way you can first await the decision. Upon approval of your home loan, the credit broker appoints an estimator. The estimator will make an appointment with you to visit your home. He then prepares an estimation report.


List of recognized estimators

home loan

Creafin works with a list of recognized estimators. These estimators are completely independent and work for multiple lenders. Your credit broker must take someone from this list. He can also find the list in the library of Creanet.


Request receipt from estimator

home loan

For an average file, the estimator will request an amount of 225 dollars. These are costs that you must pay directly to the estimator.

Some estimators receive this cash with the site visit. Others ask that you first deposit this amount into their bank account number. Always ask for a receipt. You will need this later to deliver to us so that we can refund the estimate to you.

We can only reimburse the costs for the estimate if you complete this form and send it to us.


Personal requirements

Personal requirements

The applicant must be the owner of a property and provide ownership. Many banks also finance measures on foreign real estate if the owner lives in the country.

Due to the purpose of the home loan, regular evidence of the planned or implemented measures is expected. Some banks require own funds, other financial institutions grant residential loans without equity. Sometimes the existence of own funds has a favorable effect on the interest rate level.

As with other installment loans, the housing loans are tailored to permanent employees or to civil servants. Fixed-term contracts must cover at least the term of the loan applied for.

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