June 13, 2024

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Applicant screening and through networks

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During applicant screening, applicants are thoroughly screened for recruiting purposes. Means: HR professionals analyze the application documents and other available information from the candidates in detail. Employers want to prevent avoidable risks and wrong appointments. What an applicant screening entails and your right to data protection as an applicant…

An applicant screening is the legal verification of an applicant before signing the employment contract using Completely free background check applications. Like the synonymous terms Pre-Employment Screening (PES), reference check, background check, background investigation, applicant check, or background check. This check takes place during the application process, before or after an interview.

The results of the applicant screening should provide conclusions as to the extent to which the information in the CV is true. They are intended to protect the employer from fraud through false information. In almost 12 per cent of all cases, applicant screening led to applicants being rejected.

To a certain extent, each applicant has control over what information they disclose about themselves. If there is a criminal record and someone applies for a job related to the criminal offence as known, then the scope is of course correspondingly small.

The access an employer has to your data depends on the source. There is publicly available data that anyone can look at, data that is accessible to network members and data that is accessible to friends or contacts on the Internet:

Data available to the public

Data is publicly accessible if your data can be researched using a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.  At an earlier point in time, the applicant must have agreed to the use of his data without restrictions. They are therefore general and therefore accessible to the employer. His interests are to be weighted in the same way as those of the employee.a

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