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Best Guide to Baby Hand and Footprint Kits

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Best Guide to Baby Hand and Footprint Kits
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I’m sure you’ve noticed how quickly your child is growing. Their adorable little fingers and toes rapidly turn into large muddy hands and footprints over your lovely white walls.

Baby inkless print kit allows you to record your child’s handprint or footprint while they are still precious and adorable. Handprint kits will enable you to take your baby’s print on paper and put it in a baby record book, construct your memory box, or frame it in a lovely silver frame.

Several baby footprint kits are available, ranging from purchasing baby safe paint and simply applying or sponging the paint onto the baby’s hand or foot and then pressing down into some clean white card or canvas. Alternatively, you may purchase special baby paint wipes, which eliminate part of the mess associated with ‘painted baby handprints’ because the safe baby paint is contained in these ingenious wipes (no brush or sponge needed).

Baby inkless print kit

You can also use your baby’s handprint to decorate pottery and ceramics. You may either do this in a local pottery painting cafe where they will assist you in taking your handprints, or you have two ceramic options. You can order unglazed ceramics and then take your handprints on the pottery with ceramic ‘under-glaze before sending it back to the studio for professional glazing and firing, or you can get pre-glazed pottery and take your handprints with oven burned ceramic paint. The final option for ceramic handprints is to paint or stamp your baby’s handprint and then have it scanned into a mug using computerized sublimation procedures.

There is also the option of using an inkless baby handprint kit, which many hospitals use to capture newborn infant handprints as they are born. Because of this magical technology, there is no ink or paint on the baby’s hand or foot. You are given an inkless wipe to wipe all over the baby’s hand or foot (it is so clean that you can’t see anything!) The baby’s hand or foot is then pressed onto the specific paper. This hand/footprint then grows in incredible detail, making it one of my favorite newborn handprint treatments.

The final option I’d want to discuss is infant handprint and footprint jewelry. It is now feasible to miniaturize your baby’s handprint or footprint to be captured forever onto exquisite silver jewelry using either an inkless handprint kit or a painted footprint kit.

As you can see, there are numerous alternatives accessible to you if you want to record your baby’s handprint or footprint at home using a simple baby handprint kit.

Suppose you haven’t made your baby’s hand or footprint memento yet, head over to The Keepsake, where you’ll find the most variety of baby keepsake options, as well as tutorials and suggestions on how to make your perfect keepsake. OR go to their Facebook page to get a free baby handprint certificate and wipe.

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