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Breast augmentation: together we choose the prosthesis and the right technique for you

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Breast augmentation surgery , one of the most requested today, satisfies women’s desire to increase the volume of their breasts, improving their shape and symmetry. Thanks to the evolution of materials and techniques, it is possible to reach the maximum degree of customization to obtain a result that is as natural as possible. Let’s see which…

However, deciding to insert breast implants, which are essential in case of small or sagging breasts, is a decision to be taken with caution; the success of this operation depends in fact on various factors including the surgeon’s skill, the quality of the prostheses and the position in which they are implanted breast augmentation phuket

Doctor ‘s also devotes much attention to the scar . You can decide to insert the prostheses with a small incision around the lower part of the areola or directly from the axillary furrow, in this way the scars will be practically invisible.

Breast augmentation: main techniques

To understand the methods of performing breast augmentation, it must be remembered that the mammary gland, located immediately under the skin, rests on the muscular plane.

In the case of subglandular placement , the prosthesis is housed in the pocket created between the gland and the muscle. If you opt for the submuscular technique , the prosthesis will instead be placed under the muscle.

With the modern dual-plane technique, the prosthesis is instead placed under the muscle in the upper part, to avoid perceiving the profile of the prosthesis, and under the gland in the lower part to give a more natural effect to the eye and soft to the touch.

Each method has specific advantages, it is therefore up to the surgeon to understand which one to adopt according to the anatomical characteristics of the patient.

Subglandular implant


– When the pectoral muscle contracts, the breast does not undergo changes in shape

– Faster post-operative

– Better control of the shape by the surgeon

– Better control of the shape

– The shape of the breast is more natural than the submuscular

– The margins of the implants are well covered

– Minimal movement of the implant with the contraction of the pectoralis major.

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