April 22, 2024

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Does Pressure Washing Damage House Paint?

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Chores are perhaps the least popular thing for people to spend their time on, but they are regardless necessary for maintaining a decent enough standard of living at the end of the day. Some chores need to be handled on a daily basis, others can be done once a week, others still only need to be handled every month or so, and there are a few that you would need about once a year for the most part.

Things like Houston TX power washing are part of the latter category, but suffice it to say that some chores like house painting need to be done very occasionally such as every half decade if not even longer than that. The problem with these two things is that they can be at odds with each other. If you have just gotten your house painted, you might be really wary of getting pressure washing done because of the fact that you would assume it would strip the paint off or damage it in some other kind of way.

What you need to know right now without delay is that this is a myth. That’s right, this notion does not have any of its roots in factual logic or empirical evidence, but rather it comes from inexperienced pressure washers that got a bit overly excited and didn’t realize that high pressure can damage paint. Adjusting your pressure settings will make it utterly improbable that pressure washing would have even the slightest bit of negative impact on your house’s paint job which you would want to maintain for as long as possible because of how time consuming redoing it can be in most cases.

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