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Factors to Consider Before Buying a White Dress

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a White Dress
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Some people have a difficult time when choosing white-coloured dresses as they feel unsure of what type of style they would like. Although some factors are universal, there will be different reasons that could make someone choose one white dress over another. This is important because it not only takes away the guessing game but also helps narrow your search to a more manageable level.

Factors to Consider

Size of White Dress

Your priority is to choose an appropriate size for your body type and personal taste. Ideally, you want to choose a size you feel comfortable wearing and one that compliments your body type. This is important because it will help determine the rest of your shopping experience.

Knowing if you are petite, average, or full-figured makes shopping for a white dress easier. The same goes if you clearly know what silhouette and print style appeals to you. Remember – the less you have to try on in-store, the quicker your search will be!

Fit & Comfor

Though size is important when buying any clothing item, fit and comfort should be maintained because everyone has different body shapes. So, your second priority is finding a dress that fits perfectly while also being comfortable.

 The fabric should not bother you anywhere on your body when you are standing upright. And if any areas seem tight or uncomfortable, then sizing up will help alleviate the issue. Also, look for dresses with shirring or darts in the back for extra support and proper posture.

Wearable and Breathable

While all white dresses tend to be a little bit see-through, this shouldn’t be the case all the time. Most fabrics are not waterproof and will soak up your body’s moisture, making you feel a little uncomfortable.

To avoid this, choose  with stretch and breathability (also known as “drape”). That’s because the better it flows over your body, the longer you can wear it without the sweat. This way, you won’t experience any discomfort or achy muscles after wearing it for a while.

Colours of White Dress

When choosing colours of white dresses, you want them to pop while still being hygienic and suitable for all occasions. That’s why staying within a certain colour range is important.

This is because colours such as white, cream, ivory, and ecru are the most versatile. They can be worn for casual and formal occasions. So if you’re short on time or like to change your look often, this is the best option.

White dresses with a slight yellow tone (such as ivory and ecru) look especially flattering on those with fair skin because they almost match it perfectly. If you have any areas prone to showing skin imperfections (such as redness), you should choose this colour instead of pure white.

white dress

​Style of White Dress

Before choosing a white dress, you need to think about the type of style that you will wear it with the most. Some women choose white dresses based on their work environment. Others prefer dresses that make them look and feel beautiful every time they wear them. Whichever one it is, please do not stray too far from your initial plan because it takes away from the versatility of your dress.

Stay close to a classic silhouette or even a simple pattern such as a stripe or polka dot to keep it professional at work. A similar style will work if you’re going for a formal evening event. However, avoid wearing white dresses with large prints if you prefer to be versatile with your dress choices.

White Dress Accessories

As much as the outfit itself is important, the accessories are also a major part of the process. Accessories can change how the outfit looks completely. For example, wearing white dresses with shoulder straps and frilly details will look better even without makeup on your face. The same goes for strapless dresses and flats that go well with them because they give the appearance of a higher waistline than what’s there.

​When choosing accessories, it’s important to choose them carefully because they will make all the difference in your overall look. ​

Types of Necklines

When choosing white dresses, you will come across a variety of necklines. Some are more classic, while others are on-trend and look best when paired with different styles and accessories.


There are a few factors to consider when buying a white dress. It’s important to remember the number of uses it will have, how long it will last, and what colours you can pair with it. Keep in mind that not all white dresses are made equally. When you buy a dress, buy one that is appropriate for the occasion and has features that you like (backless, etc.). If you need clarification, ask someone who knows or visit hello molly before making any purchase decision.

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