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How To Choose The Best Contract For Your Home?

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I’m sure now you’re wondering which of these is the best way to put your home on income . Well, there can be no one-size-fits-all answer. What I can tell you, however, is that the answer essentially depends on two variables :

The profitability you can estimate from each type of contract (stipulating transitory contracts, for students or tourist contracts lead to different profitability). You have to find, through various tests (or simulations), the most profitable form of contract for your property. The best form usually depends on two aspects:

The location of the property . If you own a property in the center of an art city, you will use different contractual forms compared to a property located in the suburbs condo for sale in Pattaya

The state of maintenance of the property . If it is a property that has just been renovated and is located in a good position, you will obtain greater profitability than a property left to wear and tear or located in a suburban area;

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The level of direct taxation on each individual contract . Each type of lease agreement has particularities regarding direct taxation. In fact, in general you have two tax variables available, as we will see better below: IRPEF taxation or flat rate coupon (which involves some variables to consider).

Renting A House 2) – Acting On One’s Own

Earning the most from a real estate lease also means reducing superfluous costs . Renting a house is not a simple task, which is why there are real estate agencies that work alongside the owners. In most cases, the owner who makes a property profitable relies on intermediaries who take care of every aspect, from the search for tenants to the registration of the contract . In some cases, it even goes as far as managing maintenance and condominium costs. For these activities, an intermediary can ask you for significant percentages of the contract. The advice I can give you is to try to disintermediate as much as possibleyour contract. The best thing would be to totally eliminate this cost.

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