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Importance of auto heating sachets

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Sometimes giving samples may be delayed but still, you need to give a urine sample at your body temperature or else your urine would be considered fake. So to overcome this issue there are some packs available called heat packs.

It is always recommended to choose the best synthetic urine test self-heating sachets that maintain 38 ° C for 6 hours.

They are always ready to use, just open the bag and stick them on the urine bag. They reach the perfect temperature of 38 degrees and keep it for at least 6 hours.

Cold urine is a thing of the past and this innovation leads to tension-free. With a new generation of heat at your fingertips, the temperature problems are over.

Heat pack:

Maintains the temperature of about 38 ° C for at least 6 hours.

Applicable at any time.

Extremely light and thin, almost imperceptible even when moving.

This equipment for synthetic urine will no longer need preliminary warming.

Just stick it on top and it will keep the perfect application temperature.

Based on the natural and harmless process of oxidation of iron powder.

Very easy to apply:

After opening the liner package, oxygen enters the heating pad and heat development begins.

Quality while buying is a very important aspect which should be considered. Long years of experience with activated carbon warmers and local monitoring of the quality guidelines set by heat pack by many countries engineers during production, give heat pack warmers an edge over others on the market.

Every l package which is bought should contain:

2x heat packs disposable heating pads with an adhesive surface

These auto hearing sachets are very important because sometimes it may be delayed for testing to occur and you cannot just go but you have to give a sample. And in such cases, the synthetic urine would certainly lose its temperature and it may be declared as false when tested so this great pack are very important.

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