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Know the Pros and Cons of Built-in Shower Bench

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Shower Bench
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All at once, functional, elegant, and safe, the built in shower bench pros and cons are an amazing choice when adding a sitting feature in their showers. This seat can enhance the experience in the bathroom and even make your shower enclosure much safer to use. If you’re renovating your bathroom or building your new home, a built-in shower bench is a great feature to add. Built-in shower benches are most considered for practicality and durability. Also, giving a sophisticated appearance and allows customization. Yet, your space configuration and allocation of the shower room will determine if this seating type is ideal for you.

Know what is a Built-in Shower Bench

            A built-in shower bench is a seat that is installed inside the shower wherein people are allowed to sit during their baths. This seating style is unlike other shower seats, such as fold-down benches, floating benches, or portable shower chairs. It is not open underneath yet is instead a solid block custom-made to suit the shower during construction.

This bench can reach the full width of a shower room or enclosure and has more seating space. It is mostly finished with waterproof material such as marble or tile for easy maintenance, durability, and aesthetic reasons.

Check out the Pros of a Built-in Shower Bench

  • Customizable
  • Those who take home interiors will find the most flexible design with built-in shower benches. Built-in benches are established at the same time as the shower room. You can choose to have a linear, curved design, or any other shape.
  • Functional and customizable
  • You can design your built-in shower bench to manage the entire width of your shower enclosure. This gives more space to do other activities and sit.
  • Accessibility and Safety Feature
  • A built-in shower bench is an accessibility design feature. The elder, those with injuries, and individuals with mobility issues can use the bench for safety.
  • Luxurious Appeal
  • Built-in shower benches have a splendid appeal similar to a spa. They are part of the complete design of a shower room. The complete shower unit displays elegance and cohesion with built-in benches.

Check out some cons of a built-in shower bench

  • Takes-up space
  • Built-in benches can take up greater space in your shower room compared to other seating types. If the space for your shower room is not huge, you may risk blocking the entrance.
  • Not an Add-on
  • Once you have a current shower, it won’t be easy to add a built-in bench.
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