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Liv @ Mb Review, Find The Best Home For Yourself

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Liv MB is a private condominium which is located along Arthur Road in the prime district15. The developer of the project is Bukit Sembawang Estates. Its tenure is 99 years on leasehold. The bus stops are located right outside the LIV @MB condominium. And also, these bus services further connect commuters between Pasir Ris and Tanjong Pagar. The drivers who reside in Liv @ mb review find travelling worldwide very easy as the highway is very near, about 2-4 minutes away.

Features of LIV @ MB

  • All the for the resident’s basic required places are available at nearby distances.
  • It is also a dream house for many people. So, don’t wait and get your condos without any hassle.
  • Individuals bays these kinds of homes they likewise give the office of leaving and inside there is a bus station which makes everybody live easily.
  • They give pads on the lease to individuals, and it is spending Friendly every one of them take houses as per their financial plan.
  • Additionally, there is very much associated with a significant freeway, specifically the east coast turnpike and marina beach front interstate.

They are unequalled most loved breakfast, barbecued buns or plunged into delicate bubbled eggs with dash pepper.

Summing Up

The parents also prefer schools which are nearby, so the location fits this need too. The preschools are within walking distance. The other schools are also within 2 km of the site. The nearest hospital is also 10 minutes away. Liv @ mb review overall means that mostly all the places with the basic requirements and needs are available at close distances. Parkway Parade is the go-to mall for residents, and it is the biggest and the most popular option. This solves the problem of shopping, food, and market for the residents.

The east coast road has all the mouth-watering food stall to try from; the true foodies will know the worth. The residents of LIV @ MB can explore themselves and the area around them in the future. The biggest advantage is that they can reach every place within 10 minutes drive.

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