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Old Vijay Thalapathy Movie Only on Aha

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Old Vijay Thalapathy Movie Only on Aha
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Vijay Thalapathy is easily one of the biggest actors ever in Indian cinema and has done various films till now. If you are one of his die-hard fans and want to watch some of his old movies, you must subscribe to Aha today.

For the best romance Tamil movies of Vijay Thalapathy, head to Aha’s OTT platform today. If you are a huge admirer of Vijay, you cannot miss movies like Kushi, Sivakasi and Once more. In this guide, you will get to know more about these Vijay Thalapathy films.

Old Vijay Thalapathy Movies on Aha

Some of the old Vijay Thalapathy movies that you can watch on Aha’s OTT platform are as follows:

  • Kushi

This is one of the best romance films of Vijay Thalapathy that you can watch in your spare time. This is a 2000 film that stars Vijay Thalapathy, Jyothika, Vijay Kumar and many more. The director of this movie is S.J. Surya, and this movie is about College friends Jenny and Shiva, who leave each other due to a misunderstanding. Despite liking each other, both have massive egos that prevent them from being together.

  • Sivakasi

Whether you like to watch action or romance Tamil movies, this is one film that you need to look out for. This is a 2005 film starring Vijay Thalapathy, Perarasu, Asin, Prakash Raj and many more. The story is about Muthappa, who leaves his house at a young age for a crime committed by his older brother. After returning from home, he learns more about his brother’s antics and looks to punish him.

  • Once More

This is another Vijay film from 1997 that has a romantic theme that also stars S.A Chandrashekhar, Simran, Sivaji Ganesan, B. Saroja Devi and many more. The director of this film is S.A Chandrashekhar, and the story is simple. The film revolves around a careless man who finds a senior citizen, Selvam, who lies to be his father for an essential business deal. After beginning the charade, they start to assist each other.

Stream Old Vijay Thalapathy Movies on Aha

If you desire to watch old Vijay Thalapathy movies, there is no better streaming platform than Aha to stream online movies. You can watch Vijay’s all-time great romantic movies from any device of your choice on Aha. Watch the latest Tamil and Telugu movies on Aha’s OTT platform.

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