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If you are going through a marital crisis and want to end the relationship with your partner on good terms, do not hesitate to seek the help of a divorce lawyer. It would be good if you went through the article to learn more here about the divorce lawyer.

Divorce lawyers as mediators

When we talk about divorce, we usually relate it to the conflicts and discussions between two people who, in the middle of a legal battle, seek, at any cost, to punish the other for what has happened between them, giving rise to the separation. The separation lawyers will manage the conflict and explain to them that in the negotiation, there are no winners or losers, but that the results can be achieved will be the most convenient for the interests of both and for the rest of the family in which we include the minor children and grandparents, who in most cases are ignored and are victims of these decisions. To learn more here about the issues under negotiation, read more.

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What are the issues under negotiation?

  1. Alimony payment for minors: the amount and forms of payment are agreed upon. Food is an issue that must be clearly defined between the parents to avoid future claims and include the concepts provided by current regulations that everything is essential for sustenance, room, clothing, and medical assistance.
  2. Custody and guardianship of children: the most convenient type of custody for the minor children will be negotiated.
  3. Visiting Schedule: the visiting regime that will apply to the noncustodial parent of the minor will be determined by the mutual agreement.
  4. Use of family home: in general, the use of a family home will correspond to the familiar minor children and the spouse who remain in charge of them.
  5. Payment of compensatory pension: it is in favour of the spouse who is left most unprotected due to the divorce.
  6. Dissolution and liquidation of the community of goods: carrying out an inventory of assets and liabilities by mutual agreement will lower costs and allow the divorce to finish faster.

What is signed if an agreement is reached between the parties?

Divorce lawyers who have reached an agreement between the parties will immediately proceed to the formulation of a regulatory agreement in which the measures that will regulate the effect derived from the separation will be determined. In other words, the issues we have seen will be included, with the resolutions of the agreements reached regarding custody of children, visitation regime, pensions, and use of the family home, among others.


The Eaton Family Law Group Lawyers specialized in divorce management know the situation you are going through since they intervene daily in cases similar to yours, supporting their clients’ decisions during the separation process.

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