July 16, 2024

Tal Coska

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Role of Fashion in Human Life Style in the Current Scenario

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Wearing a dress is mandatory for human society to cover the body. In the earlier stage, they covered their body with the available things like leaves, and later they found different materials that are more suitable and comfortable for them. Since the dress becomes a part of human society fashion started. Fashion? What is that? Fashion is a word that can be explained as the self-exploration or provingautonomy in front of others in society through apparel like dresses and other jewels and also through body posture.  In these, the dresses and jewels are found an important position. Wearing the different kinds of dresses made from different materials will come under fashion. Since it becomes necessary and a part of human society’slifestyle people are taking this into the mind and deals this psychologically. Yes, by observing the people who are wearing the different styles of dresses they may fix their nature and behavior. It is being one of the tools to assess the particular one. Also, wearing different dresses and different designs will improve people’s confidence. Those designs are not standard and may change according to the people. Whatever the different designs come with the dresses that will be categorized under the term fashion.

Wearing a differently designed dress may stimulate the creativity of a particular person. Also, that will enhance the stability of the mind so that they can easily focus on the work they are involved. There are many kinds of dresses and designs are existed in the fashion world and that too for women the plenty of designs and dresses are kept on introducing since they like this fashion more than men. Wearing those trendy dresses and jewel accessories may boost their natural beauty and also their inner confidence hence they may actively participate in social activities. Every period the particular dress will become trendy and that will be chosen by them and recently the dip hem dress is being under that category.

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