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The Great Uses of King Sheet Sets

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The Great Uses of King Sheet Sets
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Have you ever bought a set of sheets and loved them so much that you wish you had two? Sometimes, even if you want to avoid buying two sets of sheets, purchasing additional sheets of the same pattern may be a good idea.

It just depends on your decorating style.

Let’s say momentarily that you’ve found a few sheets you like with a pattern. And you already know that they will go great with your plain duvet. And you know they will look great in your bedroom. You can buy additional flat sheets of the same pattern for window coverings. Buying a window covering is one of the easiest ways to get the same design on your bed and windows. There is a decorating tip that you may or may not use.

You can unbutton the ends of the top hem on the sheets, insert the cornice over the hem, and have instant drapes! The best thing about using this decorating tip is that you can have a matching pattern on your bed and your windows, and in many cases, buying a flat sheet to cover your window will be cheaper than buying a ready-made curtain.

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What else can be done with an extra flat sheet? If you have a table in your bedroom. If you purchased your Super King sheet sets, depending on the size of your table, you could cut the bottom sheet to fit your table. Otherwise, buying a flat sheet and using it as is is much easier.

If your bedroom has a chair, you can use a flat sheet as a chair cover. Some chairs are easier to make, but the best part is that you can take them off when they get dirty and throw them in the washing machine. You do the same with regular sheets. The trick to using this decorating tip is to be able to talk, hold the sheet, and pin it to the existing chair.

Sheets are one of the most versatile products on the market for decorating. It’s easy to know the material together to make a quilt, put some padding between it and the flat sheet, and sew it all together. If you’re good with a sewing machine or a hot glue gun, there’s no end to the creative things you can do with a blade.

So the next time you look at king size bedding sets, look out for other options that may be present. And you can pick up a few extra flat sheets in the same pattern for a little creativity in your bedroom.


The next time you go to the bed linen store, look out for other possibilities of what you can do with your sheets! King sheets aren’t just for making beds!

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