May 25, 2024

Tal Coska

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Training and assessment online programs for educators

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Training and assessment online programs for educators
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The combination of advanced pedagogical rationale and technological tools in online teaching and learning allows the learner to be exposed to rich and varied information, engage in complex content relevant to the learner, and experience building rich and original products, based on new knowledge and skills acquired. This process makes it possible to guide the learner towards being an active person, who knows how to set goals for themselves and achieve them in changing environmental conditions, identify problems in the environment, and act to find sustainable solutions for them. The technology can help support the learning process described through an embedded assessment that enhances the process and directs the learner’s activities.

Benefits Of Training and Courses

The training enables the use of constantly updated databases, the integration of complex tasks, the provision of personal expression, and not only the recovery of skills, the integration of feedback and judgment, as well as collaboration between learners. Learner interactivity helps to disrupt learning, understand personal knowledge and group knowledge, and create a learner-focused environment.

Assessment for learning in such an environment supports active and collaborative learning, in which learners engage in product construction, participate in assessment activities, and can even benefit from the learning process in scientists and experts.

Principles of education and assessment are adapted to the 21st century in an online environment

Implementing a concept of assessment that is in line with the renewed goals of the education system and the teaching and learning processes, will create a common language among all those involved in the craft. The following is a model that represents the three aspects that need to be addressed when we come to discuss the evaluation of learning and teaching processes in an online environment.

Three basic principles that are at the heart of teaching, learning, and assessment processes in an online environment:

  1. There is an immediate need to change the approach to assessment in education, from education that aims at a uniform standard of achievement for all and mainly evaluates the student compared to his friend, to education that aims to develop thinking skills and examine student performance compared to himself. Therefore, learning assessment should be diversified using online tools to enable a response to the changing needs of learners and the educational system.
  2. There is a need to develop knowledge in assessment combined with technological-pedagogical-content knowledge among teachers and among teacher educators, to enable an intertwined assessment that includes formative and concluding assessment, with an emphasis on assessment for learning and not just assessment of learning. This diverse assessment will assist in the design and planning of online teaching, will enhance learning, and will help the growth of teachers and students alike.
  3. Guidance, monitoring, and support of the teacher and student are required when implementing online assessment tasks that are integrated with learning.

The challenge is to find ways in which the added value of technology can be exploited, to encourage the use and evaluation of high-level thinking skills as provided here:

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