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Types Of Men’s Underwear You Can Shop Online

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Types Of Men's Underwear You Can Shop Online
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Back in the day, men can only choose from briefs and boxers. It was easier then since there are only two options to pick from. And now, more designs and styles are available. And not all men are aware that there are actually more types of underwear that they can wear. And now that shopping for undergarments is even easier thanks to online stores like Daily Jocks, it is crucial that you know the different types that you can order through the internet.


This is the popular go-to undergarment of most men. It ranges in designs and rises and is perfect for going out casually or when doing light sports. They come in low-, medium-, and high-rise cuts. There is also a bikini brief that is specifically used for sunning and display but not for any sports activity. These undergarments can cover you in all the right places and they are comfortable to wear too.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are another popular men’s underwear. Some are calling it ‘briefs plus.’ The classic boxer briefs have a mid-rise design that extends down to cover about half of the thigh. But there are brands that design boxer briefs that only cover about one-third of the thigh. Still, both provide the same amount of support as the briefs but with better coverage.


This is a cross between a brief and a boxer brief. It does not have that much fabric compared to boxer briefs and has a square-cut design with shorter legs. But remember that they are not the same as the boxer briefs. Trunks are perfect if you are looking for a balance between comfortable and sexy.

Boxer Shorts

This became extremely popular back in the 20s. And even up to this day, there are men who still prefer to wear boxer briefs. They are commonly made of stiffer fabric and often have a balloon seat to accommodate the buttocks. This is usually available at any store that sells men’s clothing and undergarments.


Also known as an athletic supporter, the jockstrap protects and supports men’s front side. However, it does not have the fabric on its backside. It has an elastic waistband and two leg bands for the sides of the glutes and connects between the legs at the underside of the pouch. And now, jockstraps are not only used in sports because there are a variety of designs and colors to make one feel sexy under their clothes.


It is now easier to buy g-strings at online retailers that specialize in men’s underwear. They are the ‘bare minimum’ when it comes to men’s undergarments. However, you need to have the courage and confidence to wear g-strings.

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