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Various Bathroom Fixtures and Unclogging a Toilet In Decatur, IL

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It is never too late to go the extra mile for health. Do not hesitate in getting your perfect bath stool if you or someone in your family needs one. Medical need seeks immediate action; it shouldn’t be something you casually miss out on. There are various bathroom fixtures in Decatur, IL,to help you decorate your bathroom.

Types of Bath Chairs:

Transfer Bench – These chairs are designed specifically for people with extremely limited mobility. It is designed to place the two rubber feet outside the bathtub while the other two remain inside it.

Standard Shower Chair – It has rubberized feet, back support, handgrip and a wide plastic seat.

Folding Stool Style – These stools are foldable and are the most cost-effective and simple. It has the standard rubberized feet, a seat with no back support and handgrips for moving into and out of the shower. The absence of back support provides limited support while bathing.

Fold-Down – This chair is specially designed for permanent installation in the shower. It has two rubberized feels and back support that is mounted to the shower wall for stability.

Rolling – This chair comes with rubberized wheels and a locking mechanism. Some models feature seats that can be flipped up, providing multiple functions like shower and commode chairs.

Baby Shower Chairs – There are many different types of baby shower chairs in the market, but all of them perform the same function; providing comfort and stability for your baby and making it easier for parents to bathe their child without back strain caused by excessive bending.

Effective Methods to Clear Toilet Blockages: From hot water and dish soap to a trusty wire hanger, learn practical strategies to tackle toilet clogs swiftly and efficiently. On unclogging read tips for unclogging a toilet without a plunger, you will have your toilet back in working order in no time, without the need for a plunger.

Choosing the Best Bath Chair

With so many options available for bath chairs, it becomes an overwhelming task to buy one. To make it easier to purchase one, keep these points in mind:

Weight Capacity: Check for chairs that can handle your weight easily.

Safety Features: see for the additional safety features like proper grip, seat stability, safety belt, drainage holes etc.

Seat: A good shower seat must have drainage holes, be slip-resistant, and be wide enough to fit its user properly.

Dimension: Measure the dimension of your tub or shower and make the purchase accordingly.

Legs: Legs of the chair must be steady and have a good grip. Please make sure they are adjustable and are made out of good material.

Durability: Purchase a chair made with good and durable material to ensure the product’s long life.

These ideas allow the user to transfer from the wheelchair onto the bench and slide across the tub or shower.

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