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What is White Coffee You Say

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What is White Coffee? you say. According to Nectar of Life it is a special light roast level of coffee that is very high in caffeine. It is ground to a fine powder that looks like sawdust and smells like peanut butter. This may sound nothing like coffee, but it is the same stuff just in a different form. This new form of coffee hasn’t been around too long. It got it’s start in the Pacific Northwest as a new form of espresso.

As strange as it sounds white coffee is still coffee. It is just a very light roasted version. This light roasting process preserves all the natural caffeine in the coffee beans. It also preserves the natural acids and antioxidants of the coffee beans. Many people think these antioxidants play a crucial role in natural health. Some say it can help regulate blood sugar and other health claims. Health claims are not to be taken lightly so lets focus on the caffeine.

Coffee than Roasting

Many people around the world drink coffee for the caffeine. White coffee has twice the caffeine than a French roasted coffee. It may not have twice the caffeine by weight, but it has at least twice the caffeine by volume. Most people measure ground coffee by the scoop. A scoop of white coffee will have at least twice as much caffeine as a scoop of French roast coffee. White coffee is about twice as dense as French roast, which is partially the reason for having twice the caffeine. Another interesting thing about coffee is that caffeine evaporates and melts at high roasting temperatures. French roast is so dark that it loses some of the naturally occurring caffeine. That is why we can say that white coffee has AT LEAST twice the caffeine content by volume.

Caffeine is great, but how is the taste? That is where there is wide disagreement about white coffee. You see, it tastes nothing like traditional coffee. It brews up a green tea looking beverage that smells nutty. The taste is somewhat nutty with a distinct green note. Most people mix the prepared white coffee with flavorings to make coffee drinks. It is good for both hot and iced drinks. With its nutty flavor it goes well with chocolate, both dark and white. One thing is for sure – it is strong. A white coffee drink with a double shot of white coffee espresso will definitely get you going. Try a little bit before you take the plunge.

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